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List lookup in repeating section

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I am building an expense claim form where the GL Code displays depending on which expense type is selected. I'm trying to use the list lookup control and it needs to be in a repeating section as there may be more than one expense.

So far I have list lookup control for the Expense Type and a calculated field for the GL Code but I can only return the item ID

Appreciate any help



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Nintex Newbie

Re: List lookup in repeating section

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The list lookup runtime function to use within the calculated field isn't available in Forms for Office 365 as yet - vote for it here to Add Lookup Runtime Function – Customer Feedback for Nintex

Two options really

1. Get data after the fact via a workflow, but it won't be displayed on the form at time of entry

2. For the List Lookup drop down, base the column that shows on a calculated column which is the Expense Type + GL Code so users can see what they are selecting. You could then use some javascript to split this into fields on the form if you wanted to

Maybe 3rd Option - if you ca dev javascript REST calls to query sharepoint data, but this can get complex depending on setup of auth in your Office 365 tennat.

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