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Workflow Hero

List Lookup Not Able to Find Referenced Site Collection


    I am in the process of recreating a few forms in Nintex for O365 and am running into an issue. We have multiple SharePoint lists that sit on a separate site collection that will be referenced in multiple forms. However, when I go to use the "List Lookup" control in Nintex, I receive the error "Loading the available lists failed. Please check the URL you have provided is a valid URL within the current site collection." To begin I used a relative link as I did in Nintex On-Premise, but to no avail. Our SharePoint lists that are reference site at a location similar to this: In the "Source SharePoint site" field I've tried the following URL's with no luck: /sites/NintexTables, sites/NintexTables,, and What am I missing? Is there a setting I need to enable to allow these two site collections to "talk" to one another? Any help is welcome!

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