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Workflow Hero

Issue with DocuSign's Download Document Action

I am currently working with a Nintex Workflow that's leveraging a number of DocuSign actions for populating templates, sending documents for signature, and storing those documents as SharePoint attachments.

However, I am running into a workflow permissions issue with the DocuSign Download Document action. Here's my error:

"The envelope ID 'MYGUID' either does not exist or you have no rights to it."

When using both the "Populate Template" and "Retrieve Envelope Status" action, I received an email (as the authorized user) such that I could login and grant necessary permissions. However, I did not receive an email to do in a similar fashion for the Document Download action.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before? I think my issue is as simple as getting this email to trigger, but for whatever reason it's not coming across.


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Workflow Hero

Re: Issue with DocuSign's Download Document Action

Never mind, I think I've figured out the problem.

Creating a new workflow (exporting and importing my existing wf) caused the authentication emails to fire for me. After doing so I made sure to open each authorization email in an incognito tab and select "demo" for the environment since I'm using a DEV account.

After doing so it looks like I'm good to go! My "Download Document" action appears to have only downloaded the first document in my envelope, so I'll have to investigate that further but my issue above is resolved.

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