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Workflow Hero

Is it possible to combine multiple PDF documents into one using Nintex Workflow SharePoint O365?

I am trying to create one PDF that can be download by reviewers to approve or reject. Using SharePoint O365 with Nintex. The applicant enters requested data, which includes at least two PDF attachments, but could be up to 120. I have succeeded to create a PDF from the data entered, but would also like to append the attachments to the end of the PDF. I am using a Document Generation object to do this.  I found where some people have created a document set, but that would require each reviewer to download a minimum of four PDFs, and up to 121 PDFs. All the reviewers tend to download to their desktops for review, so you see how this would make the application much more user friendly. I wondered if there is a way JavaScript could be used, but only found something called 'easy-pdf-merge' and since I'm new to Nintex/SharePoint O365/JavaScript, I don't know how to incorporate a JS library (Apache PDFBox Library 2.0.1) into a SP site.
Has anyone else done this?

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