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Nintex Newbie

I have a form that stores logged readings over a week. I'd like to populate fields in the form if previous readings exist.


I have two questions.

Firstly, I have a list that is used to store readings input during the week, e.g. Week number and Unique Reading ID.

When the user accesses the form  I would like to be able to interrogate the list to see if the user has input readings for the week and, if so, show them the last reading data.

Example Data:

Week     Reading     Figures

12               1               10,000L     18/5/2016     12:13     Paul

12               2               11,500L     18/5/2016     13:55     Steve

12               3               10,600L     19/5/2016     09:09     Bob


If the user starts the form up to add a new record, they will enter the week number and then be presented with the last figures and a blank input screen to put in the figures for Reading number 4.

The 2nd question relates to ensuring the data is correct, i.e. the Reading number must be unique in the list.

Can you tell me how to populate this automatically instead of the user inputting it?

Thanks in advance,


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