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How to validate if field is empty and TaskOutcome ="Approved" in EditTask Form

I need to make sure that the Field Scientist is filled in when the TaskOutcome selected is "Approved"

How is this best Applied in a Nintex Task Approval using the EditTask Form option ?


Answer is really simple and as follows:

When you use the Edit TaskForm option by default all fields of the underlying Item are displayed on the Task Form.

However, you need to re-apply a new field (in my case) Scientst (People field) and connect that field to the original Scientst column.

In this way you will also recognise on top the Add Rule option.

Apply a rule but don't copy and paste that from somewhere else, rather use the righthand column to insert the required fields (in this case I have used this formula isNullOrEmpty({Self}) && TaskOutcome ="Approved" Both {Self} and TaskOutcome is selected from the righthand panel.

Saved the Form and republised it (You can't test the Form in Preview) so first Publish and Test.

The beautifull thing I found out is that also the fields on your TaskForm do update the underlying Item fields (based on how you set the use of the fields on the Task Form, for example by double clicking the column and set the column appearance as Auto, Edit or Display.

This does not require any extra actions like before in SP2010 where you had tp query for the TaskID etc.

Another observation is the fact that you can leave out fields from the TaskForm as well and re-oder in any way.

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