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How to implement TAB key indexing in nintex forms using Custom JS ?

I have designed a Nintex form in Office 365. The default TAB behavior is arbitrarily going to random fields control.

By default the flows go as--------

Yellow status----->Organisation------>Fiscal Year------->April Target--------->April Actual.........and so on.....

So how to control the TAB key behaviour?

Tried the following piece of code but its not working

NWF$(document).ready(function () { NWF$('.yellowStatus').attr("tabindex", "1");
NWF$('.fiscalYear').attr("tabindex", "2");
NWF$('.organisation').attr("tabindex", "3"); NWF$('.businessgroup').attr("tabindex", "4");
NWF$('.plant').attr("tabindex", "5");
NWF$('.conditions').attr("tabindex", "6");
NWF$('.ActualInputs').attr("tabindex", "7");

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