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How to create Custom SiteTemplates with Nintext Workflows in O365?


I want to build a solution in O365. I want to create multiple Sites based on the template. The template will be quite complex an is to contain multiple Workflows. Due to complexity these would be much smarter in Nintex. (E.g. 1. Query List, Build dictionary, Do Action for every Item... or 2.Set rights dynamically according to content of PersonField > unbeleavable but true: standard Workflows have problems with this...)

So a few weeks ago I was setting up an O365 Trial, implemented some Nintex Workflows, everything worked fine: But when I wanted to save that site as template, it was not possible as long as the Nintex APP was active... I had to remove Nintex completely before I was able to save the Template.

Ist there any way to get that working?

PS: I found something on the Web, but this is probably based on "on premise"-SharePoint... I was not able to create a Template at all!

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Re: How to create Custom SiteTemplates with Nintext Workflows in O365?

Hi, we have the same request. As you noticed it is not possible to save a site as a template with Nintex Workflow App on it. This is not only the case with the Nintex App, but also with other apps.

Since Microsoft is turning off the save site as template feature, we were looking into different solutions.

We thought about using Azure Services to poll new Site Requests, and provision the Site Collection and Workflows with code. But there is no sdk available yet that supports this functionality.

So what we decided to do is to create the new site using ShareGate. Which means not using a Site Template at all. ShareGate can create a new Site Collection based on an existing site. Since ShareGate and Nintex have a partnership now, ShareGate supports copying Nintex Workflows (With the special ShareGate for Nintex License).

We start by using a work instruction for the SharePoint Support Team on how to provision a new Site using ShareGate.

It should also be possible to do some coding with PowerShell and Web Services to also automate the use of ShareGate, but we haven't looked into that, yet.

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Re: How to create Custom SiteTemplates with Nintext Workflows in O365?

And keep in mind that Sharegate can copy the Nintex App, but no other non-standard apps are support. Something to do with the licensing model on O365 that prohibits the copying of apps. So, for example, if you have a Google app on your site, good chance it won't be copied :-(

But the Nintex part works fine!!

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