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How to activate/passivate docker containers in aws

I have a stateful application running under Tomcat with a restrictive database. I have effectively dockerized it on my machine and it is anything but difficult to run a solitary example of it on AWS. The database isn't enormous (under a gig) and each client will need their own particular variant of it. Thus, our arrangement is that every client basically gets his own particular duplicate of the framework. Every client will have few clients of the framework (frequently 1, possibly 10) and for the most part utilize it for only a couple of hours out of every week.

When we get another client XYZ, we'll make another Docker holder for their framework. They will go to "" and sign in to the framework. We should then turn up the compartment for them. In the end they will log out or time out. At that point we ought to passivate the holder.

Things being what they are, what part of AWS Architect would deal with the actuation/passivation of the Docker holders? This is unique in relation to the typical AWS engineering where the compartments are stateless. I can envision a http front end (intermediary?) that takes http asks for and chooses which compartment they go to, beginning up the holder if vital. Is there a standard bundle I could use for this, or do I need to keep in touch with one?

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