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Getting the date only for Today or a Task Due date (re-visited)


I know this question keeps being asked e.g. . However, I am not sure it is actually answered when working against Office 365. Anyway, I have couple of situations that are giving me grief when I am testing my workflow . I seem to have a problem with time!

1)  Getting today's date from Workflow Action Date in the String Builder

Setting Date only.png

Now this looks fine, until you log to history or indeed use this to test an  Assign Task .

Log History

W/f actioned on 25/08/2016 12:44:21  , today extracted: 25/08/2016

However if you try to use textToday var say in an Assign Task Due Due the 'time part' reappears', probably due the text->date conversion.

First Approver: Dan again, has the Assign Task Due Date: 25/08/2016 00:00:00 if testing then should be TODAY: 25/08/2016

2)Again, I use  the Query Builder to look up the date for a certain all day meeting ( Calendar event). However, if   I want to use this date in my W/f, then again I am faced with the time part:

Meeting Name:  How to survive working with Nintex:   will meet on 19/09/2016 01:00:00

Do I just add some hours to my dates in all cases or is there a clever way of  stripping the time  from an Assign Task Due Date?


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