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Nintex Newbie

Dynamic delay loading the form

I'm trying to dynamic increase the load time of the form. As soon as the form is submited, values will populate in form fields based on the calculation on the list.  At times it's taking little extra seconds for the data to get inserted in the sharepoint list, due to that the values are not populating in the form feilds.  I wanted to dynamically delay loading the form to wait until data to get inserted in the list. Can anyone help me out please

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Dynamic delay loading the form

Why would you want to delay loading a form? The form load handles pulling in the relevant information on its own. Maybe I'm not understanding this, but what are you really after?


What is the user journey you are trying to create? User clicks on new item, and then opens the Nintex form. What happens next?

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