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Duplicating Controls on my Form - Due to hide panels

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I have a Nintex Form with multiple panels that I use the hide rule feature on. This is a requirement due to the different tasks being completed in the form. So Dept A can see fields they need for their task while Dept B can see fields needed for theirs.

The issue is both departments use SOME of the same fields. They both need to be able to edit the content in panels.

I want to be able to use the same controls in each panel and have the data update.


Panel 1 - Customer name control - single text

Panel 2 - Customer name control - single text

I need both of these fields to display the same information, be connected to the same SP control, and be able to be edited in each panel.

I know I can use a calculated column to display data

I know I could hide data based on controls and not panels - due to the large amount of fields in my form I prefer to no do that

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Re: Duplicating Controls on my Form - Due to hide panels

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What if you have three panels? One for the shared controls, and the other two would split the controls that should be visible to its perspective group. Not sure if the order of the controls is too important. You can overlay the two panels that swap out as to show all of the controls aligned when they appear between the two visible ones.

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