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Document Generation Activity - Internal Error



Yesterday I started a Nintex Trial to show a client the Document Generation activity in Nintex Workflow. I made a very simple WF with one activity, like this;













All worked perfect till today. Unexplicably, the same WF today don't work, with an internal error. This error;



The documents generated are below of 500. So, it's not reach the trial limit. See below;




- It is possible to get more detail about the Internal Error shown?¿Where?
- Any ideas about this error?


Thanks for all.

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Re: Document Generation Activity - Internal Error

I would say to try with a different template, ensure your template and destination library both exist and things are working as they should. Also that your workflow initiator has access to all areas. 


Let me know if that helps. It could have been a random error as well.

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