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Dependency on the User profile 2013 Workflow manager

I have a site collection, where external users are allowed to fill in a form which triggers a SharePoint 2013 workflow upon saving the list item. These workflow fails with a status “Starting” with http unauthorized. This does not happen on the workflows that based of SharePoint 2010 workflow engine. This is happening due to the dependency of the user profile for the workflow manager.  Sohel's Blog: SharePoint 2013: Workflow Manager Installation and Configuration

The user profile creation in our O365 take 5-6 minutes from the time the user accepts the invitation and some of our customer sites it takes more time due to the AD Sync.

Now the question is is there anyway I can trigger the workflow by using some kind of JavaScript in the Nintex Form? that does not look for a initiator User Profile?

I saw this Vardhaman Deshpande: Start SharePoint Workflows with JavaScript Client Object Model  but I'm not sure if its gona work.


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Re: Dependency on the User profile 2013 Workflow manager

Is this question Nintex Workflow related?



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