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Create an updateable sub form/filtered updateable control

Hi and sorry if this question has been asked elsewhere though I couldn't find it after searching for over an hr.

I have a list which multiple contains employee's and multiple tasks (many to many). What i'm looking to get back from the employee is what hours they worked on a task, how many hours are remaining for the task and validate the estimated completion date of the task.

From searching around the net, I've tried 2 different approaches to the solution which have both hit walls which I can't find a way past. The first solution was a list lookup control set to filter a list view control. I setup a datasheet view on the list to display only the relevant columns and go directly in to edit the list. This would be exactly what I need from the solution though, the list lookup control does not filter the list view control (list view control ends up blank) and finally, the list view control is not updateable.

The 2nd approach (not ideal but looking to get something in place) was to set up a second list to capture the updates. I used cascading lookups to refine and gather the index info and then have the user update the text fields and write them back to the list. The issue with this approach is the behavior of the save button. It either closes the form (in which case the cascading lookups are cleared) or the submit and continue does not move SharePoint to a new record (also clears the cascading lookups).

This is the first time I've worked with Nintex forms so any help would be appreciated

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