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Compare Person field in some list with Current user


How can I compare Person field in some list with Current user in Nintex Form?


I have to check is Current user in Management List or not . I tried: 

lookup("Management List", "Manager", Current User (Login ID)", "ResultColumn")

Manager field is a Person field in a Management List.


I tried to compare Manager field in the list with 

Current User (Display Name)

Current User (Email) and 

Current User (Login ID)

but didn't work.



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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Compare Person field in some list with Current user

Hi Misa,

I did a quick check on this one, and it seemed like the quickest way to get this to function will be to ensure that the list column is defaulted to the same data type that you are using in the form.  IE: If you are using the 'Current User (Email)' in the form for the lookup, you will want to set the display value on the column on the list itself  to 'Work Email' or 'User Name'.  The lookup field is going to be referencing the display data, and the Name (With Presence) that is default for display on People and Group fields adds some additional characters that may not mesh with the lookup runtime function. 


I set it up like the following:

1) Calculated Value Control:

User Lookup.png

Settings for Column targeted by list lookup:



Form preview (outputting the item ID):


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