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Collections - HELP - Need Idiots guide!!!


I have a form capturing the following in a Repeating Section and storing it to a Multi Value TXT field in SharePoint.

Finding Code                   : Choice

Request                           :TXT

Assigned to                     : People/Group

Actioned Comments       : TXT

Link                                 : URL

The intention is to allow the user to assign Multiple Actions when a Task is Raised, and then Assign them to specified user (Assigned to) using the Assign Task Workflow Function tied to the Assigned to Variable..

Each Action will be captured in a repeating Section.

I have build out a workflow,attached  (Nintex Workflow for Office 365) to process the requests but I have hit a major stopping point.


The guidance I have found so far is very confusing and does not help at all. It all seems to be based around a previous version of Nintex Workflow and points to features not available in the version I am using.

The Workflow (attached) works great up until the time I need to Collect the information using the “For Each Action”. This is where I am having difficulty.

I have used VADIM TABAKMANs guide here for reference

I’m running “For Each” action and I have added a “Get Item” for each attribute above”.

I have a Log to History List and this seems to point to what I want it to do. But I cannot see how this information is being stored. I also cannot figure out how to get the tasks assigned using the “Assign to Value”. When I set up an Assign task step the workflow aborts.

I need some guidance as what to do next. Like an idiots guide. Can anyone help? I have been going round in circles for over a week with this.




Dave Stuart