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Calling a List Workflow from Another List Workflow

I currently have, in SharePoint 2013, a document library with three workflows.  I had to break a complicated, single workflow into three because it was way too big.  The primary workflow is started manually.  As it completes, it starts the second.  The second starts the third.  Using the Start Workflow action, I pass variables from one workflow to the next.  I also use Store Data and Retrieve Data actions to pass collections between the workflows.


I need to migrate the whole system to our O365 tenant.  Luckily, I have ShareGate.  Unfortunately, the Start Workflow and Store/Retrieve Data actions aren't supported for migration.


Can someone here give me details on how I can achieve the same functionality in O365... starting consecutive workflows and passing variables and collections from one workflow to the next, please?  I need to get this going quickly and I'm not finding much on the forums.

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Re: Calling a List Workflow from Another List Workflow

@alongcot In Nintex for O365, you can do two different things:

  1. You can have the workflow update the list item and when a certain criteria is met, the second and third workflows starts. This is how a lot of people do this, has some issues becuase you will need to use the correct types of actions, but works well.
  2. You can setup your component workflows as site workflows. So workflow 2 and 3 would be site workflows. Then workflow one would be a list workflow that would call workflow 2 and 3. This option is probably the best way to do it, but will require manually recreating the workflow since the site workflow cannot be imported from a list workflow.

You may be able to force push a workflow to a site, but I'd think it would be easier to recreate it, use the correct O365 actions available and keep going from there. Plus you can easily create input and output variables all from the variable designer in Nintex.

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