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Calculated value is not executed?.



This is a form where Calculated value or JavaScript is not executed when you create a new item.

For instance, the Calculated Value: Total (Left bottom) is not displayed the sum of Val1 and Val2 (Field just above Total)

I have found how to solve that but I want to let you know for fixing it.

The root cause is either or both

- The Calculated Value: CurrentUserName (just under Title)

- The rule Date that is not associated anymore to a Control.

To solve the issue, you need to remove at least one of them.

Please note also that the Calculated Value: CurrentUserName will displayed the Current User Name only if the Date rule is removed.




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Re: Calculated value is not executed?.

@iosman123 sorry for asking the obvious questions, but you stated that it was not executing the calculated value, then you said it was working. Can you provide an export of your form or a screenshot to show how the control is setup? 



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