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Nintex Newbie

Best Practice for Paper/Word Document to Form Information Storage



I'm starting out in Office 365 Nintex Forms and am automating a Word document that historically was printed (and subsequently partially automated with SharePoint 2010).


Workflow will be driven from this form, with a source list  storing some data from the form itself.


The form itself has multiple pages of fields to fill in, with some repeating sections and also employee selection.Not all fields are at all relevant to the subsequent workflow.


What I'd like to know is if there is any recommendation around what to store bound in the source list vs what to leave stored within the form itself. How fragile are these forms ? I'm guessing that the repeating data will need to stay in the form.


I'm also moving from an InfoPath <shudder> background and am a developer which in itself is both  good and bad thing.





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