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Auto Increment within a loop function

I found a few things on line, but none of it quite got me there.

List A is "Intake".  The fields are "Starting Check Number" and "Ending Check Number".  There is a calculated field called Number of Checks (Ending-Starting)+1 to calculate the number of checks in the range.  Nintex workflow on "Intake" is a loop (Loop N Times) that uses the "Number of Checks" field as "N".  Create a List Item action creates an item "N" times on List B.  I've built a few variables, and a math function to add +1, but therein lies the problem I think...

List B is "Output".  Currently the only field on List B (other than title, which autofills) is "Check Number".

Currently what works: A line item is created "N" times in List B. 

What isn't working: My variables aren't incrementing.  What I'm getting is the "Starting Check Number" N-times.  What I need is the first item to be the Starting Check Number, and each "N" after that to add +1.

I'm right there!  I can actually see where my variable/looping logic is flawed... I just can't figure out how to work around it.  Any help would be appreciated.

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