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Attachments default control in SharePoint list restored


I've a problem with a Nintex Form that has more than one Attachments control. I'm testing a SharPoint backup & restore tool, so I copied a list and exported a Nintex Form from an original site to a restored site.

When I was reviewing the restored site, I realized that all the attachments that users had uploaded through differents attachment controls in the form, now they are all displayed in the attachement control marked as default in the form, losing the control information from which they were uploaded.

For example, in the original site form I've two attachments controls: "Quotes" & "Other Attachments"

When I go to this item form, in the restoted site, I see all the attachment files in the "Other Attachments" control, which is the deault control in the form, and the "Quotes" control is empty:

It seems that in the migration process I lose the Nintex internal references to know from which control the attachments have been uploaded. Does anyone know how to retrieve this information?




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