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Adobe Sign - number of signatures not known in advance when designing form

We are using Nintex/Adobe Sign + DocGen + O365 Forms/Workflows.

We want a "defects form" to allow a user to create and assign one or more defects, with each item sending a notification to a different user, so that they can review the issue, and provide a signature to acknowledge the defect. The problem is we don't know how many defects in advance, and therefore how many signatures will be needed. We also know that Nintex wont support Adobe sign tag fields in repeating sections

We are thinking to create a table with a large enough number of fixed rows, and signature tags, to capture the information, but the problem is, if we have 10 fixed signature controls, and only get 5 (assuming there are only 5 defects), then Adobe sign process will never complete, because it wants all 10 signatures. On the flip-side, without the repeating section, we can't think of another way to handle this for a dynamic number of signatures before generating the PDF with DocGen.
Here is the example of the table:




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