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Nintex Newbie

0365: Find a named folder in a document set

In an Nintex O365 list workflow, how can I iterate through a document set to find a specific folder?  I have not been able to get the recursive feature to work.

I have a document library Portfolios.

Inside of the document library are documents sets:  

   Portfolio A

   Portfolio B

   Portfolio C


Inside of each document set is a folder called Snapshot

   Portfolio A/Snapshot

   Portfolio B/Snapshot

   Portfolio C/Snapshot


Within the workflow I need to find the ID of a specific Snapshot folder so that I can set unique permissions.

For example, I need to find the ID of Portfolio A/Snapshot where Portfolio A is the current item.

Thank you for the help.

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Nintex Newbie

Re: 0365: Find a named folder in a document set


In HTTP Web service aCtion, use REST Code Like Below, Hope it will work 

{Workflow Context:Current site URL}‍_api/Web/GetFileByServerRelativeUrl('/sites/site/‍Portfolios/Portfolio A/Snapshot')/listItemAllFields/Id

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