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working with signatures using responsive forms and workflows

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to work with signatures with no luck so far. Below is the scenario.


The user submit the Nintex form for approval along with signing in the signature field. The workflow then send the form for approval to the manager including all the initial details filled in by the applicant. The manager then approves the application along with his/her signature in the signature field and forward to processing team who then checks signature of both individuals(applicant & manager) with the signatures saved in a file. 


I am able to get the flow running except manager and applicant signature not visible to the processing team.


Any help will be much appreciated

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Re: working with signatures using responsive forms and workflows



First of all, the "sign" control generate the image of your signature and upload it as attachment on your item, and after display this image.

So : If you use tasks, and your user "approve and sign" on the task form, the signature file will be saved on your tasks forms. And that's why you can't, display all the signatures in the item forms(the image file of your signature is not save on the same items).


If you have multi approval step and want to display all, you should have all your signature in one form, and depending on your step hide or disable your sign controls.


Hope this will help you




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