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“username format is invalid” workflow error

Workflow to assign item permissions suspends with description “the user name format is invalid“.  

configured workflow task as follows:


Destinations site URL:  Workflow context: current site URL

Connection: SP online

List name: workflow context: list name

Items to update: query builder

Scope: unchecked

filters: Update items only when the following is true


Update the items when column: ID

Is equal to

Current item: ID


Inherit permissions from parent: equals value No


remove existing permissions: equals value Yes


Target: group

User or group name:  !!!!this is a text field not a user or group lookup. I copied the exact name of the user groups here.!!!!

permission:  Full Control


Custom permission: blank


All matched items updated: left blank


List item ID: left blank


List item URL: left blank


I used this type of task frequently in the past on older versions of Nintex workflow with no problem.  I’m very confused by the new interface and the concept of connections. The online resources have been useless. 

please help!

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