show Repeating Section in Task forms in O365

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So I looked all over the Forums and I see ways to do this but only On-Perm and not O365.

I have a Repeating Section that person Inputs date and Discription.  works great on the Front end form but not in the Task form.  I have two Approvers I need to show the Repeating section in their Task Form but it comes up blank. is there a Fix for O365 to show Repeating Sections on Workflow Task Forms?


Added Info:

So I given this link aftersubmitting a Case  #

But I am so close to getting this to work.  When I put the Variables on the Task list I can get it to show the last entry in the repeating section.

What it should be:

Repeating Section new Form.png

What Shows on task form;

Task Form.png

I think it has to do with this last part on the Workflow:

Bottom of workflow.png


for Each.png

Get Item form Collection:


Get Item from Collection.png

Log to History:


Log to history.png


If this is not the issue what do you think the problem could be?

The two Variables I have to the task form is DateInput (Usage Date) & StoreBusinessMatters (Business Matters)


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Re: show Repeating Section in Task forms in O365

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So this is the response I got back from Nintex Support.  Forget the info in the post all you need to do is:


My colleague has been able to complete the replication and it was done as follows:

1. Add a Multi line text field to your list/library
2. Open Forms Designer
3. Remove the Multi line text box and replace it with a Repeating Section.
4. Add a name for the Repeating section and connect it to the Multi Line text column
5. Add the date and text field to the repeating section and name these controls as well.
6. Create workflow with a Task action and create form.
7. Add Repeating Section and name it the same as the one on your form (Case Sensitive) and connect it to the Multi Line Text column
8. Add the date and text fields and name them as the same as on your form (case sensitive).

I got this to work on a new list (New Form/New WF Task Form)  but didn't work on my existing List (Forms/WF Task Form) Or if I export the Orginal one and inported to task.  Only worked on New.

Hope this helps you all.

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