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I have a Nintex workflow and I want to reset the value to people picker field. I know there are a lot of posts around it which suggest setting the value of people picker field to -1. I have tried that but it is not working. Though the value of people picker gets empty if we internally see it won't. Internally it set value to <d:UserNameId m:type="Edm.Int32">-1</d:UserNameId> but ideally I want to set it like <d:UserNameId m:null="true" /> which was the original state of that field. Any help would be appreciated!!

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Nintex Employee

Re: reset people picker field


To reset people picker fied on your list column, try the below steps:

Create a workflow variable of type Collection with the Person or Group Column value and set it to null / empty

Now Use the "Clear Collection" Action, to remove all default entries from the created workflow variable

Add a Set Field in Current Item/Update List Item  action and set the column with the workflow variable created which will reset the people picker field



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