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Condition to hide panel using Calculated Value on ...

I have two problems both of which are interlinked in a Travel Authorisation form that I am building. I am attempting to hide a security warning mes...

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Nintex Responsive Form - capture user signature

We are using Nintex App Studio and have a requirement where staff are going out in the field and collecting data form clients. As part of that data c...

  • By yted
  • June 19, 2019  17:53
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Print to PDF is only giving me the first page

I am trying to print out a Nintex form from Chrome or IE in O365. We do not have an Enterprise license so I was just trying to use the native capabil...

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Nintex Forms for Office 365 Set Text field and dro...

Hi I am attempting to set an email address text field and drop-down field base on a user choice field from the same lookup list ...

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Nintex Forms for Office 365 set cascading lookup f...

I am attempting to set a cascading dropdown names City in an Expense Claim RS using the Destination cities from a Travel Request RS Scenario: ...

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Nintex Forms for Office 365 - set date field using...

Hi, I am attempting to find a way of setting the date field for an expense claim based on a repeating table date value of flight Departure Dat...

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set cascading lookup filter based on the value of ...

I'm attempting to set the value of the below cascading lookup field based on a choice field in the below form to request approval to travel. I ...

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Nintex responsive does not save user's input f...

Hello, My Responsive Nintex (O365) form does not save user’s input in SharePoint List or nintex form. The users have Contribute permission. Users...

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Create New file in Document Library using Create I...

I have been trying to create a new File in a library using "Create item" . I am specifying the content type while configuring the action. However, ev...

  • By Vivek
  • June 14, 2019  15:07
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Issues with dates in scheduled workflows

Context: I've been tasked to start migrating our workflows over to O365 from 2013 ahead of time to hopefully make the transition smooth. Our environm...

  • By toms
  • June 13, 2019  21:20
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Multiple users assigned to task, close out tasks w...

Hello Nintex friends, I have a workflow that routes approvals through multiple levels. When a task is assigned at a step, there will be sometim...

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Set permisson for Nintex History List

Hi, I am using Nintex form / Nintex workflow on sharepoint on-line. I set the permission to the userbase on the list directly (breaking the inheritan...

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