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Error is occurring while provisioning customer dom...

We are migrating Nintex workflow from SharePoint On-Premise to SharePoint online. During import,we are provisioning customer domain. At this time, ...

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Bug: Two lookups, same list, different filters - r...

I created a simple demo to confirm my problem: List "Filter" with items "Filter value 1" and "Filter value 2" List "Items" with additional mult...

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New Forms Designer - default values for people pic...

I just started playing around with the new forms designer and noticed that I can't set a default value for a people picker control (e.g. current user...

  • By thomasg
  • August 22, 2019  03:00
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new Nintex Forms Designer - Signature control

I see now there is a new version of Nintex Forms Designer. I could not access it initially because of the new sites being blocked by our firewall, b...

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Hyperlink Action missing from New Responsive Forms...

Hi All, Hope you can help. I am trying to create a tabbed form and really like the multipage display on the New Responsive Forms Designer, howe...

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Form Inventory

Hi with Nintex forms for office365 I can see I have a few forms on use but how do I get s list of where they are ? Cannot see this in Hawkeye

  • By Gristy
  • August 20, 2019  06:55
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Count characters from textbox and display number i...

Hello Nintex community. I have been asked to create a character counter box for sections in which we have a text box (single or multi-line). Wo...

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"End this Workflow" button not working, ...

This may be a O365 issue, but as of today when working on Nintex Workflow O365 I can not terminate a workflow manually. I click the option and it jus...

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How to move a document with versions to another si...

Is there a way to move a document from one site to another site collection? Will it be possible to use web service calls and not sure what methods to...

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How to call soap web service using Nintex online w...

Hi there, I have to send information from Nintex online to Springboard , so I have to use the Soap call web service . Is anyone knows how to ...

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'Send Email' action will not send an email...

I am running into an issue with a Nintex for O365 Workflow. I have mutliple distribution list that are set to receive an email on a submitted form an...

  • By cjones
  • August 15, 2019  12:35
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Nintex Form - List Lookup to populate more fields

I inserted a List Lookup control on my Nintex Form (Office 365) so the user (a manager) can select an employee name & employee ID. The name &...

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