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any user can approve the nintex assigned task

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Hey Team,

Now I'm responsible for Office 365 tenant for a private company 

the company I as many nintex requests most of them related to the finance department 

sensitive and very important to be accurate now we had developed many requests using nintex forms and workflow 

now we have a problem using assigned Flexi task anyone could edit and approved the assigned even not assigned to him

I did a sample right now I'll illustrate that in photos



I have a problem with nintex O365 any user who has minor privilege can approve the other tasks even not assigned to

check below the attachment.

The task assigned to the X user and pending his action.

another Y user could go to site content>workflow tasks and edit the X user pending task and give his approval while the Y user has a minimum user privilege.

how come and how to fix ?


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: any user can approve the nintex assigned task

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Nintex uses SharePoints Workflow Engine in O365.
Assign a Task and Start a task process are SharePoint actions that Nintex re-uses. Microsoft has designed the Task processing system in this manner so Nintex functions the same way. If you were to create a Task Workflow using SharePoint designer you will see the same behavior.
In other words, what you are seeing is expected behavior.

Companies use the set item permissions action on the Task so only the Assignee and any other users they want can see and approve the task.

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