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When upload PDF from one library to another fails

I have two libraries in same site,  a working lib (A) and a approved lib (B).

I use contenttypes (CT) ie. Word, Excel, Pdf.


When doc. is approved through a Nintex WF it should be uploaded to (B)

I't have been working in almost 2 year without problems, but now it dont work when the wf upload the doc if the (CT) is PDF, all other CT is working.


When uploading the WF check for Uploadingsucces and it reply with a Yes and i got the ID form (B) as well. But the document is not visibel in the list.

When i try to upoload the same PDF doc. manually to (B), a red warning says the the doc is checed out. so I must be in the (B) libreary but is invissible in the list.


I have Admin right on the complete site and all lib.


Any good idears?

best regards Keld




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Re: When upload PDF from one library to another fails

@KeldAlmandJ this is an odd one for sure and not sure why it broke. 


One thought is that you don't need different content types if they are all documents. Unless you are requiring a different set of data to be collected about each document. Still doesn't need a different content type.


One thought would be to ensure the document is checked in, move the document to the new library, pause for 2 minutes, then perform a check in on that document to ensure its there. Also maybe remove the need to checkout before making edits to see if that allows the workflow to do its thing.

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