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What tools do you use for remote UX work collaboration with UX coworkers?

Hey guys, a lot of us had to quickly switch to more remote working means of working for research, designing, testing, collaborating etc. While I'm sure we have a general idea of how it is to work externally with stakeholders, how about internally? What software/apps do you use for remote UX work internally with other UX coworkers? Primarily in:

  • Internal Communication (such as Slack, Teams, Email?)

  • UX Activities and/or Analysis (such as Miro, Mural, Docs?)

  • Documentation and Info (such as Office 365, internal tools, how to keep track of info from meetings, analysis, insights etc)

  • Digital Design Work (Figma, Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator etc)?

Why have you or chosen those instead of others? What about it makes your workflow smoother with other UX coworkers?

I am currently also researching this so anything would be appreciated! Might be interesting for you too get an insight with what actual UXers are doing!

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