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Wait for Field Change Reliability

I have a large, complex form which needs to go back and forth between different approvers until everyone signs off. I figure I could either:

  • build the workflow with a task for each approver (in a state machine), each task having:
    • a link to the form which folks review and revise
    • options in the task to approve or send the form back to a previous approver


  • build the workflow with emails for each approver (in a state machine), with:
    • the email having a link to the form
    • the form having buttons for approve or send back to a previous approver
    • after the send email action, the workflow waits for a field update, which is updated by any button action on the form


I prefer the 2nd method because it's more user friendly than receiving a task, following a link, updating the form, returning to the task and submitting it, but I would use the 1st method if there was any possibility that waiting on a field change had any associated risk - i.e. if the workflow sat at a Wait for Field Change action for weeks, is there a possiblity that this could fail and/ or be less reliable than a workflow which sits at Task action for weeks?

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Re: Wait for Field Change Reliability

I always build a Task Form with a read-only presentation of the data within the "Start a task process" action because that instance of the workflow will be triggered and left running in a State machine for potentially a very long time. With multiple approvers, overlapping views will all see the same info. If there's a rejection or ammend & resubmit status then it goes back to the original submitter who can refer to the feedback and implement the changes or withdrawl/cancel the request.
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