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Update list item while performing task approval

Hi All,

I am new to Nintex workflows and Nintex forms. Currently I am trying to implement simple approval workflow on SharePoint list of one SharePoint Online portal.

As a part of my requirement, I want to give ability to approvers to update list item while performing approval task.

For example, let's say I have one date field named 'End Date' in my SharePoint list. Now when user create new SharePoint item in that list, user has a mandate to enter value in 'End Date' field. Once item created in list, then workflow starts automatically. I am using 'Start a task process' action to create tasks
for all approvers. Now while each approver reviewing the task, I want to give them option to change the 'End Date' and as soon as task completes, the
SharePoint list item too should get updated with new 'End Date'.

Has anyone come across any similar scenario? If so then requesting you to share the insight of solution you implemented.

Thanks you very much.


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Re: Update list item while performing task approval

Try the following:

     In the approval task, edit the task form.

     On the 'End Date' field, modify the settings

          Check 'Enabled' under 'Appearance'

          Change 'Control Mode' to 'Edit' under 'Advanced'

Hope this helps.

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