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Unable to delete references

In the past few months, possibly longer, I have had issues with deleting references in multiple actions. I can place the cursor and hit backspace, but the reference stays. I can select the reference and hit delete or backspace, and the reference stays.


The only solution I can find is to delete the whole action and start over - which in the case of just needing to change a reference in an email on an already configured task (or web request, etc) is quite a bit of trouble. I initially noticed this issue in Chrome, but am now seeing it in Firefox as well. I do not have trouble in Edge or IE, but other features of the designer do not work with those browsers, so I find I am switching back and forth, which is a pain.


Saving/closing the workflow and re-opening in the same browser does not fix this.


Has anyone else seen this and have some kind of solution for it?

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Re: Unable to delete references

Have you tried clearing your browser cache and or trying on a different computer altogether. If it works it IE, then it seems like more of a browser issue thats acting up.



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