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Three lists feeding into a fourth list?

Ok, I'm trying to figure out the best way to approach this problem. We have basically three lists: Projects, Iterations, and Requirements. The intent is that there will be a project, which has multiple iterations/sprints, and requirements. The requirements should basically be attached to the project and during each sprint/iteration, we pick which requirements we'll work on. This way, we'll have an up to date "backlog" of what requirements are outstanding for a particular project. 

The problem is, to generate our Statement of Work (SoW) to the customer, how to lookup or pull in the requirements. The SoW is another list for which we need to have a project, an iteration, and several requirements. We're kind of in the planning phase of this right now, so any suggestions anyone has on how to accomplish this cleanly and/or efficiently would be great. We're in O365 and have Nintex Forms and Workflow for 365. I'm not sure if this is even enough info, but honestly the requirements are a bit vague. I already suggested a repeating section for the requirements, but that doesn't suit the backlog requirement.

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