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The "Publish this draft" link is disabled

We have Page library, enabled "Require content approval for submitted items?" in the versioning setting and have applied OOB Publishing Approval WF to page library. When contribute permissions of user click on "publishing this draft" link, SharePoint redirects to Publishing Approval WF initiation form and there is Start button. (Same behavior for Approvers users)

My requirement is not full fill with SharePoint OOB approval WF.

I have created Nintex approval WF, when contribute user click on "Publish this draft" link nothing happened. As I have expected that the Nintex WF initiation form should open, once user click on start button the "Approval Status" should change to Pending and page should go for approval.

How to open initiation form of Nintext WF for contribute permission of user if user click on "Publish this draft" link? 



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