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The future of Nintex for Office 365

My sincere apologies if this has been posted and answered before!


Given the K2 Acquisition and the official statements relating to the future of K2 Cloud, K2 Five and Nintex Cloud, I note that Nintex for Office 365 is conspicuously absent from any of the official communications relating to the future product set. Is anyone able to provide a definitive answer?


Not having a full understanding of the technology stack and exactly how it functions, the following may or may not have bearing on the answer? Does the as yet unspecified date for the deprecation of SharePoint 2013 workflows have any impact on the functioning of Nintex for Office 365 or does Nintex for Office 365 function completely independent of SharePoint 2013 workflows?


The reason for the question is to inform a decision, Nintex for O365 or Nintex Cloud for a new solution implementation? Both solutions will be able to deliver functionally but I am and looking for confidence in terms of longevity, support and stability.



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