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I have a field on a form with multiple approvers.  The requirement is for a "many" amount of approvers.  The approvers will receive the tasks in order.  The "Start a Task Process" acomplishes this. 

I have two problems, one larger than the other.  The first problem is the due date.  The due date does not update when the subsequent tasks are created.  I wrote a "Flow" that updates a list nightly with a new due date and I set the task to pull from this field however, each task after the first task has the same due date.


Any idea how to change the due date on the "Start a Task Process" for multiple tasks that occur on different days?

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Re: Task Process Variable Due Date

Task id is not available via task assign action ( task id variable in takls settings) until task is finished. Once task is created you can use rest call to query task list for task ID. Once you have id you can update due date for the task suing update item action or rest call.

This should be done in paralel action to task creation.

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