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Task Delegation from Workflow Task List

Hi All,


I have got requirement for delegation on O365 Nintex. I am come with ideas of updating via Workflow Task list by certain people.


Another Workflow on Workflow task list, if any changes to assigned to, please trigger the email and update on original list as well.


It was working fine. But i noticed that if assigned to is changed, there is another email is getting trigger from first workflow Task Action.


On Body, i am using AssignedToEmail Displayname on the body content.


When i change Assigned To, New email is getting to trigger to new manager but Displayname is still pointing to old manager info.


Is there any options to blocking sending out that email or why advanced Lookup on body is not working as expected.




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Re: Task Delegation from Workflow Task List

Using task delegation is a SharePoint task list function, not Nintex and as such the task is reassigned in the task list with the same email send (plus the additional delegate notes).


A way around this is to build your own task delegation process, by way of a response to a task is to "delegate" or reassign and a user account is entered into a person fields.

Then once submitted, using a state machine workflow, loop the state, and the next time the task will be assigned to the "delegate".


This was you get full logging, audit history and the like... 

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