Syntax for No Operation in Calculated Value Formula

I need to write a formula which updates a calculated value if there is a value in a form field, but doesn't update the calculated value if the form field is empty.

I've been trying to use the “If” Runtime Function, and in the formula builder the syntax is reported as:

If(logical_test, value_if_true, value_if false)


How do I say, for value_if_false, do nothing? If I use quotes for value_if_false, this overwrites the value in the calculated value with a null value.

Or is there another way to say, for a calculated value formula, if there's a value in the form field, write that value to the calculated value, else do nothing?

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Re: Syntax for No Operation in Calculated Value Formula

The calculated value will always return a value, so you need to find a logic that return your new value and your "old" value.


So, you can do : 

1) Connect your calculated value to a sharepoint field (so you can "save" the value of you calculated).

2) In you "value_if_yes" return your new value

2) In your  "value_if_false" return the SharePoint field value




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