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My issue refers to a form I've created which contains multiple Look Up fields which get their values from lists within SharePoint. Even some cascading look ups are working so far. Now the questions:


1) After submitting the form, a new item is created in the respective SharePoint list. Yet, it won't show the chosen values from the Look Up fields. So, even if being able to chose the proper values, the submitted form wouldn't show them.


2) The form contains a field for attachments (e.g. delivery documents). I've created a SharePoint column for attachements which can't be conneted to the Nintex field. So, when attaching files, it won't show up in the new created item.


3) When an item has been created via a submitted form, it's not possible to edit them anymore. There'll be just a white rectangle a close button from Nintex. Can't imagine why.


Thanks for your help.





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Re: Submitted forms in Sharepoint Online list

1) If the List lookup control is not "Connected to" a SharePoint column then the form doesn't know where to store the result.

Also, there are 2 methods of putting a List lookup control on a form:
- In the SharePoint category, drag List lookup onto the form (then configure all the properties including where it's Connected to)
- In the SharePoint Columns category, drag the desired List lookup SharePoint column name onto the form and configure the properties. Be sure to decide whether you want to store the Text or ID of the selection

2) Attachments are handled by Nintex forms using the system predefined Attachments column. Do not create a user column because Nintex won't/can't use it.

3) Are you selecting the item then clicking on Edit in the SharePoint task bar? Are you right clicking on the item and selecting Edit from the context menu? If so then perhaps the permissions of the List somehow are irregular.
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