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State Machine steps over Component Workflow and goes to Next State

I was having issues with a For Each loop inside a branch of a State Machine where it would only run the Component Workflow once when I sent it to two values (countries).  Thought I would be clever and move the For Each loop down into the Component Workflow and parse the two values as a Collection variable.  Now I find the workflow just steps over the Component Workflow altogether and goes to the Next State without actioning the Site Workflow at all.  I checked the Site Workflows from Site Contents and found the Component Workflow just do not start. I am starting to think my variable is a) not being sent correctly or b) not setup correctly but I am not getting any errors.  I have pasted in the screenshot of the workflow branch and the log that was created by all the History logs I have to try and error trap my issue.  Any hints as to what I should try next.

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Re: State Machine steps over Component Workflow and goes to Next State

First things first, be sure to have the settings "Wait for Component workflow to complete before continuing" set to true.
Second, add the action "Commit pending changes" before (and/or after) your component workflow call.
I wouldn't be surprised that the component workflow call is in the SharePoint batch and not the Nintex batch. 😉

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