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Slow response forms and workflows; email actions

One of the many frustrating aspects of Nintex Workflows Online is the extremely slow load times. When you are trying to develop workflows, it can sometimes take way too long to open the designer, update or publish. Even loading and configuring the actions takes too long. We have determined that using Nintex Online compared to Nintex OnPrem is taking 3 times longer in development time (perhaps we should invoice Nintex for the extra staff time).

The Mail Action seems to have more problems than any other action; The fonts and styles just have a mind of their own. You can select Arial and it saves as Times New Roman; you select 12pt and it saves as 10 pt. You try to add Item properties and it either ignores the existing styles or places the properties on a different line. 

It seems Nintex are more interested in adding new features whilst they have not addressed the issues with the old features.

Come on Nintex......step up and fix these issues!!!

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Slow response forms and workflows; email actions

Hi Michael,
Sorry to hear your frustrations with our services. We take the performance of the service very seriously and are constantly monitoring load times and areas for improvement across workflow and forms. Recently we've introduced enhancements around load and publish times in NW365 that have significantly reduced publish times across the board, but there are still a few outliers out there we're working on and will continue to do so. Likewise the forms team are constantly improving the load / publish times of their designer / filler and I know there is another tranche of changes due to roll out in January.
Sometimes slow loading / publishing can also be due to other factors, like where your Nintex tenant is located in relation to where you are working, introducing latency, or slow response times from the 365 tenant itself. We can look into this for you if you raise a support ticket (or ping me directly).
With regards to WF text editor, we're aware of some of these formatting / editing issues and  have had a couple of false starts trying to fix them. I can say we are working through how to address them at the moment to provide a better experience, more akin to the editor experience in NWC.
I hope this answers some of your questions and concerns. Rest assured we are committed to ensuring our service is reliable, speedy and helps you automate quickly and invest significant effort in doing so.
Please feel free to ping me directly if you would like to discuss further.
Alex - VP Workflow.