Sharing Folders/Document Sets with External Users

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I have been searching for this solution I can't find anything and if anyone knows how to resolve this I would appreciate an answer.

I have created a site collection on SharePoint Online and I have Nintex Workflows activated on it and all is well. I have also configured document sets under my default library as I need to share content with external users.

All the settings for sharing with external users have been done and it all works.

My challenge is I want to automatically invite a user to collaborate with us based on an email field which is completed when a person creates the document sets. Manually this is easy but I want to automatically invite an external user as soon as their email address is in the field and give them specific access to that specific document set that has that user.

What action can I use to invite users?

Basically how I have set this up is I have a SharePoint group for my external users which have basic read access at the top level, so when I give or invite external users they get added to the group and using Update Item Permissions when a document set is created, I need to break inheritance and add that 1 user in that document set permissions.

Doing it this way, first ensures that the user has access in the top level as part of the group and in the library level it ensures that user only have access to the document set they have been invited in.

My current work around is manual invite user and after invite browse to the document set and share the document set with that user but I would like to automate.

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Re: Sharing Folders/Document Sets with External Users

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Re: Sharing Folders/Document Sets with External Users

Any Ideas or Suggestions?

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