Set textbox values based on checkbox choices


In the picture below, I would like to use javascript, or any other means to check boxes from the operating units checkbox, and have the checkbox names appear in the account number text boxes automatically.  How would this be done using javascript?  operatingunit is the name of the checkbox control.  accountnumber1, accountnumber2, accountnumber3, accountnumber4, accountnumber5, and accountnumber6 are the names of the text boxes to have the checkboxes automatically fill.  A minimum of 1 checkbox will be checked.  A maximum of 6 checkboxes can be checked.   Thank you.multi_checkboxes.png

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Re: Set textbox values based on checkbox choices

@carlort before I prescribe a solution, can you share what you're trying to achieve here? Not necessarily with the form but overall for the user submitting data.


This may help design the form to optimize that experience.

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