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Set Workflow Status Action Loops

I have set custom workflow statuses using the Set Workflow Status action, and it works correctly thru 5 or 6 action sets all the way to the end. However, the final status, when I set it change to "Completed" to match the internal status, it gets treated like a change to the item and causes the change workflow to loop.


I tried putting it in several different layers of nested action sets and "run-if"s, but no matter where I put it, if it's at the end of the workflow it loops.


I found one post that sounds like the same thing is occurring when status updates are made for Library documents and the work-around was to set the status, then mark the document checked in, but I don't know what I can do to a list item that wouldn't also be seen as a change and cause the change workflow to loop.  I tried adding a log entry action after it, but no luck. Same result adding a "Pause for Duration" after it.


This is really driving me crazy! I like having all of the steps of the workflow shown in the custom statuses, but if I can't have one that says the workflow is completed, it makes it look like the workflow didn't complete. This will definitely confuse users. 


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Re: Set Workflow Status Action Loops

First of all, the workflow status is a URL field, so the value of this field is some thing like "text, http://URL ..." so, if you compare you status with just text, thats why your "run if" not work.

After, if I understand, your workflow start on item modification ?
And, when you update the workflow status, there is a modification on your item, and ,your workflow is re-executed. So, you are stuck on a loop of execution ? that's it ?

Can you import your worklow here (or print screen) to see your workflow logic ?
If you need to start your workflow only when the user make an update on your item, you can connect the save button on a sharepoint field (push a value to this field), on your workflow add a conditionnal start on this field, and the first action of your worklfow is to change this field value. So with this simple design you avoid the loop of execution launched by your workflow
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