Save Signatures New Responsive Form

I'm using the New Responsive Designer to create a form with multiple signatures. I'd like to give the signature attachment files relevant names in order to know which attached file name is which. For example, one task form has signatures for the inmate, the disciplinary committee chair, two discipline committee members, and a reviewer. If the file name is "sig__3e802cf9eccc76c05c2042b3c432659e_1631712957711.png" I have no way to know which of the five signees it belongs to.


Can I trust that they are saved sequentially and just rename them in the workflow by grabbing each item in the colllection? Or is there a different way to go about it? I could probably use docusign for the above task, but another task requires the Correctional Officer to take a tablet to the inmate to sign their acknowledgment in person. Since it's Corrections, they're justifiably fussy about having the right signatures in the right places


I see that it's been asked if signatures can be saved to list columns and the answer was "you don't need to", but what if I want to? 

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