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Rulesin Nintex mobile

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Hello All

I have got a form which is using panels that are hidden and then made visible but the next or previous button using JS this works fine on the desktop however in the app my form just appears as a straight list, no rules or panels seem to apply. 

Does anyone how if the rules are support in the app and if so how they can be applied to hide the panels

also is JavaScript going to be supported anytime soon?



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Re: Rulesin Nintex mobile

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Rules are supported for Mobile Forms and I use them to show or hide controls based on a condition within a rule. But JavaScript for Mobile forms is currently not supported. I haven't heard a timeline on it being added either, don't forget that the mobile app runs for Windows, iOS, and Andriod. So today you probably wont get the same results on each platform using JS. But there is a User Voice submission for this that I would recommend to vote for (I added one) JavaScript in Mobile Forms – Customer Feedback for Nintex

You can use rules to hide panels or controls by selecting that control, add a rule, then set a condition that when it is TRUE, will hide the control. Simply select Hide as the formatting action taken for the rule.

Show or hide controls with Rules in Nintex Forms

Adding Rules

1. Select the control or group of controls you would like to assign a rule to.

2. Click the Add Rule button in the Control Properties Ribbon, or the Add New Rule button in the Rules pane.

3. Create rule.

4. The newly created rule will be assigned to all the controls which were selected.

You should be able to use rules to hide one panel and show another using the reverse (or "not") of the same condition to get the same effect of the Next action. Here is a tabbed example using rules for an O365 form. CREATING TABBED FORMS IN NINTEX FORMS FOR OFFICE 365

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